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All Day Menu

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Soup & Salad

Miso Soup


Mushroom Soup


Spicy Seafood Soup


Lobster Bisque


Field Greens


Seaweed Salad


Avocado Tomato Salad

with mesclun and balsamic vinegar


Avocado Salad


Spicy Kani Salad


Dream Salad

Spring-mix apple, grape, fruit, tomato, dried cranberries, with orange vinegar dressing


Smoked Salmon Avocado Salad

Spring-mix avocado, with chef's special sauce


Lobster Salad

Live lobster, honeydew, mango, green apple, mayo and mango sauce


Black Pepper Tuna Salad

Seared black pepper tuna and spring-mix with spicy yuzu sauce


Tuna Avocado Salad


Sushi Bar Appetizer

Wasabi Tuna Dumpling

Spicy crab and avocado wrapped by thin-sliced tuna with wasabi mayo sauce


Tuna Tataki Appetizer

Seared tuna with ponzu sauce


Garlic White Tuna

White tuna tataki, garlic pepper, tobiko, with yuzu sauce


Fantasy Pizza

Alaska king crab, spicy tuna, mango, avocado, radish-sprouts, tobiko with wasabi sauce


Spicy Tuna Cracker

jalapeño sasa, hot chili oil mix in tuna served w/ cracker


Tuna Tartare Appetizer

Chopped tuna with tartar sauce


Yellowtail Jalapeno Appetizer

Yellowtail jalapeno with soy yuzu sauce


Sean's Choice Appetizer

Spicy crab meat and guacamole on tortilla chip


Truffle Salmon

Seared salmon, black tobiko, chive with spicy lemon sauce


New Style Sashimi

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail with three distinctive sauce


Seared Toro Tartar

Seared toro, mango, tobiko, with wasabi, yuzu sauce


Lettuce Wraps with Spicy Tuna


Seared Salmon in Candy Wrap (6)


Fresh Oyster


Lobster Feast

Lobster tail & mango, mix green wrapped in rice paper


Kitchen Appetizer





Yasai Gyoza


Shrimp Shumai


Chicken Yakitori


Ocean Spring Roll


Age Tofu


Vegetable Tempura



Fried Oysters



Beef Negimaki



Roast Duck Spring Roll


B-B-Q Squid


Crispy Rock Shrimp


Shrimp & Vegs. Tempura



Broiled Hamachi Kama


Crispy Soft Shell Crab



Black cod


Sweet Potato Tempura



Satay Beef

Contains peanut butter


Thai Spicy Beef

Basil, chili, pepper served on endive, contains peanut butter


Fried Calamari



Roll & Hand Roll

Tuna Roll


Alaska Roll


Salmon Roll


Philadelphia Roll


California Roll


Avocado Roll


Boston Roll

Shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, mayo and tobiko


Eel Avocado Roll


Eel Cucumber Roll


Spicy Tuna Roll


Shrimp Tempura Roll


Yellowtail Jalapeño Roll


Spider Roll


Yellowtail Scallion Roll


Spicy Dynamite Roll

Fried scallop


Spicy Seafood Tempura Roll


Vegetable Roll


Salmon Skin Roll


Shrimp Asparagus Roll


King Crab Avocado Roll


Peanut Avocado Roll


Spicy Crunchy Salmon Roll


AAC Roll

Asparagus, avocado, cucumber


Spicy Scallop Roll


Rock Shrimp Avocado Roll


Sweet Potato Roll


Lobster Tempura Roll


Green Dragon Roll

Eel cucumber inside avocado and tobiko on top with eel sauce


Wasabi Roll

Spicy tuna crunch avocado inside three kind of tobiko on top


Sushi & Sashimi

Served 2 pieces per Order







Stripe Bass




White Tuna


Black Pepper Tuna


Seared Salmon


Smoked Salmon






Tamago (Egg Omelet)


Crab Stick










Salmon Caviar


Spanish Mackerel


Surf Clam


Tobiko Caviar


Yellowtail Belly


Salmon Belly


California Uni


Ama Ebi




Botan Ebi


Blue Fin Toro (1 pc)


King Crab


Chef Special Rolls

Special Rainbow Roll

Fresh crab meat, avocado inside, tuna, white fish, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp outside


Crunchy Roll

Crispy fried salmon, eel & asparagus inside, peanut & tempura flakes outside


Dragon Roll

King crab, cucumber inside, outside top with eel & avocado


Valentine Roll

Spicy tuna, crunchy inside, outside wrapped with fresh tuna


Volcano Roll

Shrimp & asparagus tempura with spicy tuna, tobiko on top


Fantasy Roll

Spicy salmon, crunchy, & cucumber in side, outside wrapped with seared salmon, lime, bonito flake & cilantro


Lady in Pink Roll

Crabmeat mixed with spicy mayo, cucumber, avocado, mango, wrapped with pink seaweed


Fire Ball Roll

Spicy salmon & crunchy inside, outside rolled with salmon & spicy tobiko


Christie's Roll

Spicy tuna, cucumber inside, crunchy & tobiko on top finished with spicy mayo and eel sauce


Atlanta Roll

Eel, avocado, crunchy inside with spicy yellowtail outside and tobiko on top


King George Roll

Crispy soft shell crab, cream cheese inside, top with spicy tuna, tobiko


Roll Model Roll

Fried kani, spicy tuna inside, with yellowtail, tuna, salmon & avocado on top


Tango Roll

Tuna & avocado inside, topped with yellowtail, jalapeno, onion with jalapeno cicras sauce


Spicy Mama Roll

Spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, Spicy Salmon, crunch & asparagus wrapped by comdu seaweed


Magical Roll

Lobster salad, mango topped with fried white fish tempura flakes ginger & Thai special mayo sauce


Scorpion King Roll

Combination of softshell crab, shrimp tempura & eel with chef special sauce


Dynamite Roll

Tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber & Mango Inside, spicy crabmeat & tobiko on top


Angry Dragon Roll

Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna & papaya topped with spicy crabmeat with rutta miso sauce & basil oil


Ajisai Roll

Spicy crunchy salmon, mango inside, topped with black pepper tuna, sweet shrimp, eel, avocado & tobiko with mango sauce


Naruto Roll

Choice of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, or eel, crabmeat with avocado & masago inside, wrapped with thin sliced cucumber


Godzilla Roll

White fish, kani & avocado wrapped with crispy seaweed and spicy yuzu sauce


Sear Treasure Roll

Eel, avocado, cucumber, mango, uni wrapped by soybean seaweed with eel sauce


Tsuru Roll

White fish tempura, spicy tuna, avocado topped with black pepper tuna & tobiko with spicy coconut, cilantro mayo


Ichiban Roll

Fried oyster, cucumber inside Ikura, uni & avocado on top


Normandy Roll


Napoleon Roll

Lobster salad, tuna, avocado, tobiko with mango sauce


Mystic Roll

Spicy crunch tuna, avocado inside, tuna & red wine pear on top, make w. organic black rice & chef special sauce


Sushi Entrees

Served with Soup & Salad

Sushi Deluxe

8 pcs assorted fishes and tuna roll


Sashimi Deluxe

15 pcs


Chef Special Sushi Platter

12 pcs assorted sushi and spicy tuna roll


Chef Sashimi Platter

21 pcs


Sushi & Sashimi For One

5 pcs sushi, 9 pcs sashimi and spicy crunchy salmon roll



13 pcs assorted raw fish, eggs and pickles over rice


Tuna Lover

4 pcs sushi, 6 pcs sashimi with spicy tuna roll


Salmon Lover

4 pcs sushi, 6 pcs sashimi with spicy salmon roll


Sushi For 2

18 pcs sushi with green dragon roll and California roll


Sushi & Sashimi For 2

10 pcs sushi, 12 pcs sashimi with spicy tuna roll and green dragon roll


Love Boat

Assorted Sushi, Sashimi & Roll


Special Roll Combination

Served with Soup & Salad

Kabuki Roll Combination

Yellowtail Scallion Roll, Tuna Roll, California Roll


Sumo Roll Combination

Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Crunchy Salmon Roll, Eel Cucumber Roll


Yama Roll Combination

Tuna avocado, Salmon avocado, Yellowtail jalapeno



Served with Soup & Salad

Chicken Katsu Don

Chicken cutlet with onion & poached egg over rice


Oyako Don

Chicken with onion & poached egg over rice


Unagi Don

Bar-B-Q Eel over rice


Bento Box

Served with Soup & Salad

Matsu Bento Box

Chicken, Teriyaki, Shrimp & Veg. Tempura, 5pcs Sushi & Daily Appt.


Oku Bento Box

Beef Negimaki, Chicken Katsu, Sashimi & Daily Appt.



Served with Salad

Nabe Yaki Udon


Yaki Udon Veg

with chef special sauce


Yaki Udon Chicken

with chef special sauce


Yaki Udon Shrimp

with chef special sauce


Yaki Udon Beef

with chef special sauce



Japanese noodle with roasted pork & egg in paitan soup base


Yakisoba Veg


Yakisoba Chicken


Yakisoba Shrimp


Yakisoba Beef


Tempura Udon


Seafood Udon

Curry sauce or udon sauce


Fried Rice

Large Chicken Fried Rice


Large Beef Fried Rice


Large Shrimp Fried Rice


Large Egg Fried Rice


Entrée From The Kitchen

Served with Soup, Salad & Rice

Chicken Teriyaki


Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce


Tofu Teriyaki


Steak Teriyaki


Teriyaki Shrimp


Beef Negimaki


Chicken & Veggie Tempura


Shrimp & Veggie Tempura


Panko Chicken Cutlet with Rich Brown Sauce


Chicken with Spicy Garlic Sauce


Grilled Shrimp

with spicy sweet chili sauce


Wok Glazed Seasonal Vegetable

Can be served steamed


Crispy Duck


Chilean Sea Bass


Char Grill Chilean Sea Bass

Served with seasonal vegetables


Steamed Flounder

Ginger, scallion, bacon and shiitake mushroom


Scallops Teriyaki



Shrimp Fried Rice


Beef Fried Rice


Chicken Fried Rice


Vegetable Fried Rice


Brown Rice Side


Sushi Rice Side


White Rice Side


Spicy Mayo (2 oz)







Ginger Ale


Ice tea


Diet Coke




Spring Water



Ice Cream (2 Scoop)


Mochi Ice Cream (2pcs)


Ice Cream Tempura Vanilla


Banana Tempura


Fried Cheese Cake


Ice Cream Tempura Green Tea